Saturday, October 16, 2010

My species drums...

Dad has been so excited lately because he has figured out how to watch online things through our TV. A few weeks ago I came downstairs and found him watching soccer. This last week he wanted to have the miner rescue on all evening.

Today...he was showing off his new found skills to my grandma and grandpa.

"You want to watch a show on Hummingbirds?" dad asked nonchalantly. (but more chalantly than non)

"How are you watching that?" Grandpa asks.

"PBS online," says my puffed-chested father.

So for the last 30 minutes I have been watching hummingbirds. Some with long beaks, some with curved beaks, some with territorial issues. Mostly I was bored. Then the not so deep-voiced narrator said this...

"The so and so hummingbird spots a female so and so hummingbird in his midst. To attract her love and attention he instantly starts his special hummingbird dance."

"Dad...what if you had had to win your lady friend by dancing?" I ask.

"You would not be here." Mom interjects.

"He drummed instead." Mom qualifies previous slam.

"My species drums." Dad concurs and then giggles. (Yes, my father does in fact giggle)

Dad won my mother's love and affection by playing the drums...good to know. I guess he is winning her love and affection now by playing online shows for her on our romantic.


chelsea said...

haha funny

krista said...

lol! i laughed out loud jess. nice. :)

Nicholas said...

drums, huh? is that all it takes, I can learn.

Anthony said...

I should have him teach me to play the drums. Your dad snagged a real keeper.