Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Maybe I should be a doctor...because I am so good at curing disease.

Not. But I did have fun playing this board game. Pandemic is its name. Perhaps I have had an unfair advantage in that my game allies were really good and well versed in the disease curing realm. We killed disease. Take that.

Perhaps instead of being a doctor, I should go see one. One that deals with hearts and minds and confusing emotions. Growing up sucks. Yes folks, I said sucks. There...I said it again.

Speaking of growing up...of which I was...teenagers really are dumb. We don't really realize how much we grow until we have. You may now all collectively say "duh" at once. Do people still say duh or is that so 3rd grade? were missed.


laSonya said...

I like hearing about your life. And you are so right, growing up sucks. I repeat-growing up sucks. When you find a good overall heart/mind/soul doctor let me know. I could use one too.

chelsea said...

yup. sucks.

Anthony said...

Duh. I don't care if it's only for third graders. By the way, when is graduation for you?

David said...

David: Hey, Dr. Jessi, what kind of doctor are you? An Oncologist? A Dermatologist? An Ophthalmologist?
Dr. Jessi: No. None of those.
David: What? Well then what do you do?
Dr. Jessi: I treat mass outbreaks of colored diseases.
David: That sounds racist.
Dr. Jessi: Oh poor David. You're so dumb. I mostly treat Blue and Red disease.
David: Oh neat. That's great because i actually have kind of a red rash.
Dr. Jessi: Gross.

Sorry. This whole comment kind of got away from me...