Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Monday Morning: Suddenly my world was white.

Tuesday Morning: I think it will be white for awhile...

Friday, November 19, 2010

the moment I almost didn't...

It is fun looking back on those moments in life that had specific and palatable consequences whether good or bad. Maybe I shouldn't label that fun, but definitely interesting.

Speaking of palatable, this story involves chocolate and a whole surprise ton of it because of a couple of those moments that I almost didn't.

Intrigued? read on...

Take it back a few weeks...I had gotten news that the job in Tennessee was a no-go and I was back to square one looking wide-eyed at a quickly approaching new year. I was still living at home, still 26, and still lost in knowing what my next move should be. Before the frantic feeling could take root, I found myself in a few blessed days of productivity. My to-do list and I found ourselves in a relationship where I was more attentive and intentional about our quality time and this budding relationship was actually mutually beneficial. My research brought me to a local non-profit that has 19 different programs all working to benefit those in North Dakota who have a rocky road to walk. As with most websites I visit these days, I found myself on the employment opportunities page. Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota had a lot of volunteer opportunities including a Communication Internship. I emailed a few of the other volunteer opportunities first because I was skeptical that the Internship was still available being it was already almost November. I must have gotten distracted after those first few emails because it was later that day that I found myself back at the Lutheran Social Services website and finally emailing the Communication director. The next day I had an interview. The following week I was "hired" for the volunteer part-time position and yesterday I made brownies for their Thanksgiving dinner (some of us find pie a once a year experience). I have only had two full days of work, but I already love it there. I love the work I will be doing and the people I will be working with. I just wish I loved the paycheck too.

After my interview at Lutheran Social Services, I stopped at the mall. Which was a strange occurrence. I can't even remember what brought me there that day. The mall and I used to be tight, but its appeal to me has dwindled to almost nil. I have learned a few things that I am not sure the mall has learned yet. Bypassing my short plug for responsible consumerism...I was still at the mall that fateful day. There I was standing in front of Macy's ready to head back out to the car, when a thought hit me. "Jessi...I bet the mall has seasonal job opportunities..." A seasonal job at the mall around Christmas...when and where over-active consumerism is awarded with extra hours to shop, fake Santas for posed moments, hearing Santa Baby blaring from Holister 18 times a day and excessive amounts of red and green? Sounds like a delightful experience to expose myself to on a daily basis! Not. I kept walking to the car. I hadn't made it two steps till I decide that is was probably something I should look into despite my lack of yuletide cheer. I stopped at the Customer Service Desk and inquired about seasonal jobs. The lady behind the counter said that she didn't really know of any but that she was looking for extra weekday help at the C-desk. "Great!" I said as she passed me an application. She also gave me an application for See's Candy and told me that they were interviewing on Friday. The C-desk seemed promising, I wasn't so sure about the candy job, but I interviewed anyways.

I got one of the jobs...the one where this is my uniform...haha.

I guess it was fashionable in 1921...

"Would you like a sample? I have a dark chocolate with caramel, a milk chocolate with butterscotch, a coffee-flavored krispy, a mint-flavored krispy, and..." I get to say this a million times a day, but I really like it so far. I meet tons of cute old couples who have had their children mail them boxes of See's candy every Christmas. They are so excited we are here and I am excited to be there too. The register and I are still getting comfortable with each other, but over all I am doing well. This cute old man told me I was born to be a saleswoman. haha! It is really easy to sell a well-loved product! Especially chocolate! I am not sure if his comment will have any effect on my future, but I do know that the next few weeks will be busy and delicious! A good saleswoman knows what the products taste like of course! This stuff is really, really good. Oh man! All-natural ingredients, no preservative, no high-fructose corn syrup and lots of variety to keep me sampling for weeks! Plus, I get to wear this hot outfit! Oh goodness!

I have a job and an internship for the next few months. This is good. I am happy those moments that almost didn't happen...really did happen. A little bit of money in the bank, a whole lot of good experiences, pockets full of deliciousness and a cold well on its way!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Music Swap

Cheers to those who like good music and then tell me about it...
We'll call this paying it forward.

Thanks Jeremy.

Dear World, but most specifically...Chelsea, Sister, Chris, Nick, Mel, Tara, Anthony, Brad and me. If I could sing you this song I would. Love Jessi Jo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How do you measure a year?

In baby steps and Big Bird steps.
In tears and exclamation points.
In community and deep reflection.
In pictures and limelight.
In searching and finding.
In heartache and headache.
In whispers and starlight.
In emails and scribbled dreams.
In dead ends and elevators.
In imagination and stewardship.
In haircuts and mittens.
In chocolate and Chai tea.
In textbooks and cookbooks.
In yearning and growing.

By breathing. By being. By feeling. By loving...Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes.

I love Rent! A rock opera. I cry. I think. I boil. and I think some more. It is raw and powerful and applicable. The documentary is awesome too.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it Christmas already?

Argentina allá voy!


Argentina aquí vengo!

either way

I'm going!

(To those who actually speak this language...which one is right?)