Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Review: The Irresistible Revolution

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical
Author: Shane Claiborne

The Overview:

I tend to not like trendy christian books that everyone is talking about. Lame...yes, but true nonetheless. Books by Rob Bell, Anne Lamott, The Shack and this particular book have been on my "too trendy for my taste" book list. I would probably really resonate with what the authors are saying, but for some reason...I just can't crack the first page. But...perhaps the tides are changing because I made it through this book and even started reading the intro of Velvet Elvis the other day.

The Good:

A borrowed book means no highlighting and therefore less memory, so I have less specifics to share, but overall...this is definitely a thought provoking book. Good and often great in both presentation and pulp. I love that when he had questions he dove straight into an experience that would give him the answer. Whether living in Calcutta with Mother Theresa or taking back a church in Philadelphia for the homeless who took sanctuary there. Also on the love list of this book is the way he uses terms that have definite unfriendly connotations to make a point about Jesus and the way He loves and the way Christians should be relating to the the word extremist. We are to be extremists for LOVE!

The Bad:

I couldn't quite decide if Shane and I would be friends. A lot of what he writes about make me want to do a little cheer and join him instantly, but at the same time I could recognize that I had my defenses up while I was paging through reading his thoughts on social justice, the state of the church and even Corporate Responsibility. I am not sure I was defensive because I disagreed, but perhaps because the way we approach our common thoughts is very different. Our ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility do in fact clash sometimes. Which made me want to talk to him in person and sort of hash out what he really meant by some of the things he said.

The Memorable:

There are way too many quotable moments to even pick a few to share.

The Recommendation:

Read with an open, but discerning heart. Embrace the ideas of authenticity in the personal revolution you find yourself in and pursue ways to challenge the world's perception of God.


Anthony said...

I really like your book reviews. Sometime, I'll send you some recommendations from my library.

Justin Jones said...

I really like your book reviews too. Thanks for sharing them. I read this book several years ago. And I remember being really stoked about it. It was during a turning point in my life, right after I had come back from India. I wanna read it again and see how I would resonate with it now.

Emily Star said...

This book played the same role in my life as it did in Justin's--a pivotal point. I have re-read sections over the years and I always seem to appreciate it still. Maybe its that I'm sentimental though. :) I should go back and find my favorite quotes from it. P.s. I third Anthony and Justin's comments about liking your reviews. :)

Ben Schnell said...

I love that you've read this book! More and more I disagree with the book, but it changed my life so dramatically when I read it that I feel like people understand a crucial part of my story just by reading it. I feel like you know me way better now.