Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuff White People Like...the blog

Chelsea would sit at her desk in headquarters (her third choice of which desk she finally wanted to claim as hers...oh goodness) and read to us from this blog when we had free moments. We would chuckle...then frown...then laugh at ourselves. Headquarter is where we gathered to work/soak up every moment of being together before we had to leave each other for the unknown life beyond August 2.

Nick was usually there...working on finding jobs or something. If it was a Monday, then Bryan James was huffing and puffing about parents and their lack of parenting skills or swearing mathmatically while working on the dish/serving schedules. Anthony was in and out mostly. Brad was there when he wasn't teaching Basketball...probably farting at least once or fifty times before he had to leave again. Chris sometimes came in and laid on the icky floor or plopped his butt down on the floor and leaned his back against the wall to work on his never ending picture picking job. He likes the floor. I was there too...I was organizing. Girls directors get to organize a lot...I love it!

Anyways...back from Nostalgia Nook at the end of Memory Lane and on to the point of this blog...The Blog...Stuff White People Like.

I think it is funny. I am white and I like a lot of the things that this blog says I am supposed to like. For example: Camping, Vespa Scooters, Ugly Sweater Parties, San Fransisco, Appearing to Love Classical Music, Hating Corporations, Public Radio, Sushi and Tea...just to name a few. I'll be makes me a little mad that everyone else likes the same things I like AND that he is making fun of us...oh well...I guess I will just have lots of friends...everywhere.

Obviously this blog should not be taken seriously. But it is funny to see how serious we take ourselves. We think we are unique. We are of course...but perhaps not as unique as we all thought we were.

The newest post (#134) is on TED talks. I happen to be a recent fan of TED talks. I am white yet again...haha. I downloaded the Podcast version just a few weeks ago! (Podcasts will probably be post #135 on SWPL).

Anyways...check out the blog...I think it is funny. Chelsea does too. So does Nick. We all thought they were funny...or maybe we just liked that we were together. It is up for grabs.

Stuff White People Like


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Scott Kabel said...

Some food for mental consumption: I'm starting to think that white people like some things just because Asians like them. (It's your chance to start guessing at the influence the East has on the West.)

Jessi Jo said...

Orientalism...a VERY interesting subject of study. Not just applied to the asian culture though but definitely where it all began. You get a first hand study, how cool scott!