Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I longboarded this weekend. I went around and around my grandparent's block. I live on a farm...there is no cement...therefore no longboarding. I am pretty sure I haven't longboarded since Southern Village last May. I was rusty. (Obviously this post is all about me with the amount of sentences I have started with I).

But...don't worry. This post is NOT all about me.

My mom wanted to give it a try.

Mom is trying to get Dad's attention
She didn't like the cracks in the cement so well

Longboarding this weekend made me miss this...

...a lot!

To those who pushed me to learn...and bought me the board...and went down Pierson before me...this is for you.


Anthony said...

Yeah! I miss those days. I went longboarding this past weekend and it was good. Your mom is so cool for trying it out.

chelsea said...


Jessi Jo said...

Chels...is that a laugh or a cry?

TaraB said...

It's a cry. Chels is real sentimental these days. Actually, I think we are all real sentimental these days. I feel grateful for that though... because that's how we know it was so good. I miss this too. And I'd also like to say that I've always been bummed that I missed being in that picture by like half an hour.