Monday, May 10, 2010

i feel...graduated

The car was packed. The goodbyes were said. Then I passed the Southern Sign and then Brock Hall for the last time and I lost it. The tears came. It had finally hit me...I finally felt graduated.

This last week or two has been emotional. But a submerged kind of emotional. All the fun and packing and cleaning and then all that repeated has kind of kept the inevitable under wraps. The inevitable being saying goodbye to everything comfortable and lovely and familiar. Oh Southern…I have to take back my heart now.


chelsea said...

Oi. Ouch. It hurts to take back your heart. Its the hardest thing.

At night His song is with me said...

Reading this was the closest thing so far to making me feel different about having graduated. But it still hasn't quite sunk in yet.

TaraB said...

ugh. i can't imagine southern without you guys. it gives me a funny feeling in my tummy. and not a pleasant one.