Monday, December 28, 2009

i feel...apprehensive

Disclaimer: I am a blogging newbie, not an aspiring writer and will never write a book…even though most Americans do believe that they could if they wanted to write the next chart topping must read.

Words are important, so I do use them, English words – most of the time correctly. I admit that spelling was only important to me in 4th grade when correct spelling resulted in stickers at the tops of my papers. I also admit that Grammar has always been and forever will be my nemesis. Commas – I have always used too many, or too few, and always in the wrong places.

So in far too many words I have tried to get the point across that you are to ignore the method, accept my weaknesses for what they are, and focus on the point of the words.

Blogging. It is scary to me…for a number of reasons. The first being, that so many of my good friends are in fact amazing writers: my sister is an English major, my good friend is an English major, I have two friends that want to be straight-up journalists, one friend that should be a journalist, and heaps more friends that blog and are down-right good at that whole making words come out meaningful thing.

Blogging is scary for other reasons. What I write will have thought behind it, passion behind it, a whole life story behind it. But you the reader can’t know all that. You only know what I write down with words. Those words can now be judged and worse yet, misunderstood. That is scary.

So why am I blogging (well, let’s not get too ambitious…I’ve only written the disclaimer blog)? I am blogging because there is something about fleshing out thoughts, putting words to passions, and remembering stories that somehow clarifies life. Priorities float to the surface and direction appears.

Plus, I have always enjoyed a good, healthy discussion. So please, with mutual respect for what is behind the words, let’s discuss, let’s learn from each other and what we see day-to-day that adds meaning to our lives.


Nicholas said...

i think you may have accidentally said something profoundly meaningful.

TaraB said...

wow jessi. i think this post basically proves how truly awesome you are at this blogging thing. now i'm really excited... really really excited. welcome to the blogging world friend, you're gonna be good for my soul. well, you already are.

chelsea said...

Haha, a disclaimer blog. I'm excited for the next one! You, Jessi Turner, were MADE for blogging.

laSonya said...

I must agree with the others. Your letters to the world are great! You have put into words what I feel about blogging. I almost wish I could have written it because it explains things so well.