Monday, July 11, 2011

I bite my thumb at thee!

Too bad that is the only quote I can remember from all the Shakespeare I was doused with in 9th-12th grade English Lit. Also, too bad it seems to be a misquote. Oh well.

Sahale and I have lived in the same vicinity now for...oh, about 5 months. Since the beginning of the..."I'm in Seattle!"..."Me too!" texting stage of this hide-and-seek game we have been playing, the plan has always been to hang out in some way, shape or form.

[insert winning sound from "unblock me" when I get the red block free]

Today was our day! We win! It only took 5 months...pathetic, lame. We seem to be busy on the weekends and I guess during the work week too. I guess we are mostly grown up and have jobs and stuff.

Back to Shakespeare...

Sahale had the awesome idea of going to "Shakespeare in the Park." She was already going with her mom and asked if I wanted to join. "Yes!" Free entertainment! outside! A plethora of people watching to be had!!! It is fun to see who treks in for an event such as this. The couple in front of me had their matching REI short chairs and looked like they had stopped at Whole Foods to get some fancy olives and such before staking out the perfect spot. The couple beside us to the left looked like perhaps they liked motorcycles and let their dog just dig away at the park lawn. Perhaps they didn't ride the motorcycle and bring the dog...that wouldn't make sense now would it. The group kiddy corner to the right were the "we picnic like professionals" crew. Salad bowls included. The two ladies to my right looked cool. One of them had something crocheted in her backpack. I saw it as she was rummaging for her Organic Cashew Butter.

Comedy of Errors was the play. At first I thought it was 12th Night, which I love, just by a different title, but nope, I guess Shakespeare had a thing for writing plays about twins. We'll call it his twin phase. It was good...a little bit hard to hear, so I am not sure I grasped fully, but then again...when have I ever grasped fully what Shakespeare threw down.


Justin Jones said...

Sounds like a good time!

Marja said...

yay! that was really fun : ) we need to have more adventures for sure

TaraB said...

Look at you experiencing some Seattle goodness. We seriously need to get out more...look at all the treasures to be had!