Saturday, February 26, 2011


Guys...oh my word! Today, I met Mr. CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity...[cough] chelsea) for World Vision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful day! I literally could not stop smiling. He came to my cube three times this afternoon. The first time he came over to figure out my last name so he could invite me to a meeting about CSR next week. He loves to talk about CSR, I love to talk about CSR and we have a whole hour to do all the talking we want next Tuesday! Oh when will Tuesday come!!!

The second time he came to my cube was to give me a book to read about CSR...don't call me this weekend...I will be busy! The third time he came to my office was to give me the corporate stewardship booklet that TOMS just put out this year. He is the big Kahuna working with TOMS at World Vision. My co-worker Kim is actually headed to Honduras for a shoe drop with TOMS tomorrow! (I told her to check what the shoes were actually like...for Nick and my peace of mind)

My TOMS shoes actually brought me and Mr. CSR together today. We were both in a meeting over the lunch hour and he noticed my choice of foot wear. He pointed it out to the entire room. Then, he wanted to meet me after! Wahoo. He shook my hand! Then my supervisor told him to stay away and not to take her intern...haha.

Guys...World Vision is awesome!!! God is so good.

And in other news...
  • Tara and I went to look at our first apt yesterday...that was fun...we felt all grown up and stuff.
  • Tara and I also just skyped to remember those days when we were in different states instead of just different rooms.
  • The Blaser's cat loves me...even though it scratched me the other doesn't like to have it's back legs touched...I got too close!
  • I bought skinny hangers for my clothes. I love them. Tara thinks I am crazy.
  • It is Chris Clouzet's bday today...we miss him...I am quite certain I can speak for the group on this one.
  • I am living without a car...not very well, but I decided to stop complaining about it last week. Depending on other people is fun too. It reminds me of my first two-years of college...oh darn...
  • My choir teacher from High School now teaches choir at Auburn Academy. I haven't seen her in like six years...I got to see her tonight. She is quirky and delightful and Russian and exactly the same!
  • I met a bunch of Tara's friends from Walla Walla last weekend...they are cool. I hope they think I am cool too.
  • Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job...cause I do. Oh man...can it please be for forever...or a very long time at least? I sure am overwhelmed with all the acronyms and stuff. They actually use all those business terms I was supposed to learn in college! I work for wise and wonderful women and I am excited about how much I will have to learn (re-learn).


TaraB said...

Jessi! It was an absolute JOY seeing you BEAM all the way home tonight. Guuurl, you are in the right place. I mean, right there, on the floor, by the space heater. That's a good place to be.

World Vision IS awesome!!! Come work here guys! For real!

chelsea said...

what is CSR?


But seriously.

Haha, no, I'm kidding, I'll remember.

No really. What is it?

laSonya said...

This is voted Best Blog of the month. I will read it when I am sad or lonely. I love how happy you are right now and how much you love your job! It's catching!

May God bless your life so that you are able post many more blogs like this.

kessia reyne said...


Ben Schnell said...

so happy for you!

Sarah said...

I'm a month late, but really, really happy about this. In other news, I almost bought my first pair of TOMS today. They're just so expensive...but I'm sure I'll be converted eventually.