Friday, January 7, 2011

and in other news...

Visiting Krista in Argentina is probably the headline event that I should be blogging about, but in the mean are a few of the non-breaking news-news stories in my life.

I saw a squirrel rock climbing a plastered wall the other day...

I even snapped a picture with my phone real quick just to prove it to the world.


I found this show of part athleticism, part crazy magic completely inspiring. Immediately after this photo was taken I climbed the wall after him and we became instant friends. We have nicknames and secret handshakes of course and we set up an appointment to climb together again.

Terrifying viewed from the comfort of your own home

The following is a view from my car as I was coming home last night.

Just kidding. But mostly not.

I was coming home late after spending the evening at my friend Cari's house. She is awesome and only in town for a few days before she heads back to grad school. It became obvious as my journey home continued that as I had been enjoying the company of my dear friend, the roads had been kidnapped. Tragedy! 
I could accept that the crystallized roads were pretty. The endless sparkly treachery stretched out as far as my headlights could reach. No tracks to follow, no lines to be found, no telling if one was on the road or off. I had never experienced this mixture of beauty and stress before. The world was literally shimmering and shining and throwing diamonds straight at my face. Before, there had always been a clue or two to follow, but this blanket of crystals had completely smothered my clarity about what was road and what was inches upon inches of sparkle communities that had set up camp along the side of the road. 

I made it...don't worry. I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't.

I saw something nasty in the wood shed... 

Actually I didn't, but Ada Doom did. I just saw the movie Cold Comfort Farm last night.

Not awesome, but definitely good in my opinion. Witty, a tish creepy, and a good bit of poking fun at the likes of Jane Austen. What more could you want in a "spoof on British costume dramas."

Cari's house is where all the good, but random movies are kept. Here are a few from the past...just in case you find your self with time to spare.

Twelfth Night
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte


laSonya said...

I was wondering why I hadn't hear from you recently! You were having adventures!

chelsea said...

You follow Modish!!! I love that blog! I like your squirrel story, it made me loti (laugh on the inside).

Anthony said...

Ooops. Don't write a blog about me forgetting to call.

Nicholas said...

That squirrel is crazy! And you are FUNNY. I haven't watched the video yet, but I will.

xfr said...

that is a cool picture of a squirrel! way to make friends with it. i bet he thought you were a nut.

Miss Jehle said...

You are delightful. Are you sure you can't to move to TN?

TaraB said...

Oh Jessi. You are a hysterical.